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2020-09-15 10:24:46

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The action in NBA 2K21 does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to get more CV.

What are CVs in NBA 2K21?

It is a virtual currency, with which we will be able to make purchases of accessories in the game, make updates in MyCareer and the card packs we can buy in MyTeam, now for this it is necessary that we know how to obtain more CV and those details the We will see in the next content of this guide.

How to get more CV in NBA 2K21?

MyCareer: playing the games here can lead us to earn many dollars of risk capital per game, as we play we will be able to have access to guarantees and incentives, which will help our salary VC, it is certainly not much at the beginning but Little by little this will increase as we continue playing.

2KTV weekly questions: during the screen loading we will find a weekly series of trivia questions, which if we answer correctly we will get money and more prizes, so it is an option to consider to win VC, even the We can find answers online before answering.
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Daily Spin and Daily Pick 'Em: these are 2 options that will allow us to obtain CV with great ease, we also find them in MyCareer, we have that the Daily Spin consists of turning a wheel to get a prize, while if we choose in life Real potential winners are going to be able to get a CV through the prizes that the Daily Pick 'Em option gives us, being of great help in the middle of the regular season because there are many matches a day that coincide.

Mobile application: with the launch of 2K we have an application that has the purpose of creating facial scans for our MyPlayer, but it also becomes viable to get VC in the game, we will do this when we connect on iOS or Android, when playing The minigames we are going to win VC at any time, what we win will be charged to our account, being then necessary that we turn on the console, what we need for this option is the internet and our telephone.

In conclusion, knowing how to get more CV is excellent because we can advance more in this game as moved as NBA 2K21 is.

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