Angel Marquez
2020-09-08 09:27:33

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This time we return with a NBA 2K21 guide with the objective of explaining how to change neighborhood.

What to know about the change of neighborhood in NBA 2K21?

The changes are made through the bus stop, having access to many parts of the neighborhood, something that we can take advantage of in this game to have fun, so to do so it is necessary to understand How to change neighborhood and in the content of this guide that will be presented from here on are the answers, let's see them.
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How to change neighborhood in NBA 2K21?

We have to look for the bus stop, for this we will go to the corner of Alley Oop Street and 2k Beach Pkwy, here it is possible to make the change and be able to face the different players, we just have to be here and make an interaction, saying join more players, what we will do now is press the button and the screen will go black, when we return we will find ourselves in the new neighborhood we have chosen, where the players will be playing on the different fields of the place.

It is evident that knowing how to change neighborhood allows us to have more fun in NBA 2K21.