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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-11 16:18:44

One of the most important tasks that we must carry out in Craftopia is to know how to get food and here we tell you how to do it.

What does Craftopia bring us?

  This is a survival game where there are a number of activities that we can carry out, it is possible to explore the dungeons, get some rewards, cut down trees, create farms, hunt animals, in short, we keep ourselves busy enough, because between it is necessary understand that food has a high level and if we do not keep it that way it is highly likely that we will go through a lot of work, because knowing how to get food becomes a primary objective but to this we must add that it is not possible to eat raw food, here it is very picky cooked food.

How to get food in Craftopia?

 The food around here for our good fortune is abundant, we can choose between animals, plants and fungi, it is necessary to know that at the beginning it will be necessary to use a wooden stick to kill the animals, since it is necessary to hit them, this is easy to do, since it is only necessary to find about 5 tree trunks and proceed to Press E when we are close to the type of food to take it, since it is possible that later we will have other tools such as the ax or the pick, only that These can be more complicated because we will have to chase the animal.

 The foods that we can get in this game are:


  •  Mushrooms.
  • Plants.
  • Animals such as deer, sheep, chickens.


 How to cook food in Craftopia?

 As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the food that we can consume must be cooked, so it is necessary to use the kitchen, at this point we are fortunate since this does not require fuel, sun it is necessary to light a fire and place the food that we want to cook In the slot, the favorable thing is that this is a process that does not consume much time and once each piece is cooked we proceed to interact again with the fire to remove the food. Once the food is ready, it is only necessary to place it on the hot bar and press the indicated button or simply double-click on it.

To make the bonfire it is necessary to go to the Craft Menu on a stone workbench, as this allows us to interact with it and then it is necessary to move until we reach the campfire option, there it is necessary to place 5 firewoods and 5 stones in the floor, we proceed to place it on the heat bar and press the button indicated, then it is necessary to find an excellent place for it by pressing the left mouse button.

 This is all we know about how to get food, it is not very complicated in Craftopia, so give it a try.

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