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With our help you will see that knowing How to unlock Get Higher camos in MW3? is easier than you thought.

Modern Warfare 3's fan-favorite parkour mode is G3T_H1GH3R, which returned in Season 4 Reloaded with some new camos for players to obtain: Clocklocked, Shifting Grid, and Synth Bust. There's no challenge telling you how to get them in the game, so here's everything you need to know about how to get the Get Higher camos, including where to find each coin, let's see.

How to unlock Get Higher camos in MW3?

To remove the Gridlocked camouflage, you must complete the Get Higher parkour map for the first time. This is done by climbing to the top and finishing the route before the time has elapsed. It may take a few tries to do this, but the reward is worth it.

Fluctuating grid camouflage.

The Shifting Grid camouflage can be obtained by completing the map in less than 10 minutes. You only need 15 minutes in Get Higher mode, so completing the course with 5 minutes to spare is no easy task. It is necessary to gain an understanding of the route and understand exactly the action you are taking to complete the map in this period.

It is characterized by a synth knot.

The Synth Bust camo is unlocked at the Castle on the map, requiring you to find 12 hidden coins. If you have the 12 coins, go to the top of the stairs and insert them into the machine before the portal and you can reach the castle. These coins are hidden all over the map, so if you are having difficulty finding them, you will find all the locations here.

Get the highest coin locations.

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  • The first coin is placed in a hole under one of the red pillars at the beginning of the map, under one of the red pillars.
  • Once you reach the rotating orange claws, head towards them and, before ascending to the ascending platforms, head back to discover a hidden room with a coin inside.
  • Once you reach the third checkpoint, slide under the wall and look to the left. On the other side, you'll find another coin behind some green boxes.
  • For the fourth level, starting from the beginning of the green beams and before the blue cylinders, there is a coin next to the green arrows that point to the left.
  • At the ninth checkpoint, climb onto the containers and before leaving, look for a white mark on one of them. Climb up to the platform next to it and you will find the next coin.
  • Once you go to the red blocks and the orange cylinder with red spikes, cross the green beam and you will find a coin.
  • After reaching the last green beam where the sixth coin is located, you head towards a small room where the seventh coin is located.
  • The seventh is located in the middle of the top of the red walls that move back and forth to crush you.
  • Coin Eight is located at the back of the plane, which you can access by jumping on the wing, climbing the ladder in front, and then dropping onto the platform before the second ladder to enter through the back of the plane.
  • After reaching checkpoint 16, proceed through the entrance with the rotating orange walls and find a small platform to jump on. Once you are on this platform, look for the modest opening in the blue wall that houses the ninth coin.
  • At checkpoint number 18, you will find the coin in the middle of the purple mushrooms in the middle of checkpoint number 18.
  • Arrive at checkpoint 21 and go through the first green moving platform on the far right. Please stay there until it goes down completely and you will find a room with the coin.

This is all that must be considered in terms of unlocking Get Higher camouflages, you just have to apply the instructions to achieve it and thus progress in this fast-paced game such as MW3.

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