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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to create groups in The First Descendant?

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In-World Party Formation:

  •     1. Initiating the Interaction: Locate and approach another player within your current game world.
  •     2. Opening the Interaction Menu: On PC keyboards, press and hold the "T" key. This action should initiate a context menu specific to the targeted player.
  •     3. Sending a Party Invitation: Within the context menu, select the "Party Invitation" option. This will transmit an invitation to the chosen player.
  •     4. Party Formation: If the invited player accepts, both parties will be grouped together.

Party Formation Through Social Menu:

  •     1. Preconditions: Ensure you have established mutual friendships with the desired players. Friend requests can be initiated through in-game interactions.
  •     2. Accessing the Social Menu: Navigate to the game's pause menu and select the "World Map" option.
  •     3. Locating Friends: Within the World Map interface, select the "Social" tab. This will display a list of your online friends.
  •     4. Selecting a Party Member: Choose the friend you wish to invite from the displayed list.
  •     5. Sending a Party Invitation: Click on the "Party Invitation" button located within the friend's profile window. This will send a formal invitation to the chosen player.
  •     6. Party Formation: Once the friend accepts the invitation, they will be seamlessly integrated into your current party.  

Additional Notes:

  • The First Descendant incorporates an in-game voice chat system to facilitate communication and strategizing within parties. 
  • To configure voice chat settings, navigate to the "Options" menu and select "Audio." Within the "Voice Chat Options" submenu, you can establish preferences for microphone and speaker volume, push-to-talk functionality, and designated voice channels (e.g., Party channel).

This is everything you need to know about How to Create Parties in The First Descendant? By following this guide you will surely find it much easier to form groups with your friends so that they can live the experiences that the game presents to them together. You will only need to follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying all the elements that The First Descendant has for you.

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