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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-06 17:26:16

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Today we return with a Monster Hunter Rise guide which allows us to talk to you about How to get fulgurbug.

What is fulguburg in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is nothing more than a basic part of the physique of a particular monster, it is not a new topic, because in previous installments we had the possibility of seeing him, in fact in some cases there is not even the need to hunt a monster to stay with The loot, in this sense, knowing how to obtain fulgurbug makes us choose to look for some bugs that tend to occur on the back of other monsters and to give you more information about it, we are here.
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How to get fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is ideal to choose to look for the Zinogre monster, because it usually keeps some fulburgs, its body has electricity and this makes it possible to grow them on its back, for our good fortune this monster is usually found regularly, it has some amount of insects and bugs in his back, these in turn have the functionality of feeding with hypercharges, in this sense, once we locate the Zinogre either by completing a mission or collecting some shiny objects that usually fall from this monster, we are allowed to get hold of some insects and even There is the possibility of being able to knock down the monster, and from there take a weapon to charge against the monster's sword.

It is good to understand that being close to Zinogre we are shown a message that tells us to press "A" there is the possibility of doing it once or several times, with this we get fulguburgs quickly, it is favorable to do it regularly when the beast falls, and in this way get some amount of bugs, we can also execute this type of activity with a version of zonigre both high and low rank.

 Now that you know how to get fulgurbug it is perfect to embark on this quest and fight Zinogre in Monster Hunter Rise.

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