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Master the art of How to Remove Friends on Monopoly GO. Improve your gameplay with our detailed guide. Easy steps, quick results. Let's raise the stakes!

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to remove friends from your list in Monopoly GO. While it may seem like unfriending would prevent continuous attacks, we will also discuss how to deal with this issue in a friendly manner.

Monopoly GO is an exciting virtual adaptation of the classic board game that allows you to play with friends and family from all over the world. Building your empire, acquiring properties, and trading with other players is all part of the fun. However, sometimes conflicts arise, and you may find yourself needing to remove friends from your list or dealing with continuous attacks. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of removing friends and offer tips on how to handle continuous attacks gracefully.

Accessing the Friends Menu

To begin removing friends, follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Open the Monopoly GO app on your device
  • 2. Locate the "Friends" menu at the bottom right of the main screen. It is usually represented by an icon of two people.

The Friends menu is your gateway to managing your connections in the game. From here, you can not only remove friends but also send friend requests and view your current friend list.

Removing Friends

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Once you've accessed the Friends menu, continue by removing specific individuals from your list:

  • 1. Within the Friends section, find and click on the person you want to remove. This will take you to their profile page
  • 2. Look for a button next to their name or on their profile that allows you to delete them from your list. The button is usually labeled "Remove" or "Unfriend.
  • 3. Click on this button and confirm your decision when prompted. Be sure to double-check your selection to avoid unintentional removals.

By following these steps, you can remove unwanted friends from your Monopoly GO list and maintain a more curated network of players.

 Continuous Attacks and Their Impact

Although removing friends may lead you to believe that attacks will no longer occur, unfortunately, this is not always the case in Monopoly GO. It's important to understand the dynamics of the game and how continuous attacks can still happen, even with players who are not on your friends list.

  • 1. Understand that players can still attack you continuously even if they are not on your friends list. This is because Monopoly GO allows players to attack any opponents they encounter during their gameplay
  • 2. This situation can be frustrating, especially when trying to protect your hard-earned properties. However, it's essential to remember that continuous attacks are part of the game's mechanics and are not necessarily a personal vendetta against you.

Dealing with Continuous Attacks

While it might be disheartening to face continuous attacks, here are some friendly tips on dealing with them in Monopoly GO:

  • 1. Instead of getting discouraged or seeking revenge, try adopting a positive mindset. Remember that Monopoly GO is just a game, and the attacks are part of the challenge. Embrace the competitive nature of the game and focus on improving your strategy
  • 2. Focus on strategizing and finding ways to protect your properties within the game's mechanics. Utilize defensive strategies such as investing in properties with higher defense ratings or using power-ups that enhance your defenses
  • 3. Engage in fair play and avoid retaliating with continuous attacks of your own. Remember that everyone is playing to have fun, and maintaining a friendly atmosphere contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Removing friends from your list in Monopoly GO is a straightforward process that can help manage connections within the game. However, keep in mind that unfriending does not guarantee an end to continuous attacks by other players. By embracing a positive mindset and focusing on your own gameplay, you can navigate these challenges with grace. Remember, Monopoly GO is all about having fun and building your empire, so enjoy the journey and good luck in your future Monopoly GO adventures!

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