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2024-04-16 13:42:08

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Today we bring you a guide to explain how to solve the delay in FC Mobile.

EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24 is now available, where you can give soccer a new shape, you will have new and incredible opportunities to join the EA SPORTS™ soccer fan club and form the Ultimate Team™ of your dreams, in addition to that , you can play with important teams like Real Madrid and Manchester City.

What are you waiting for? As a player you will have the opportunity to experience a game where your true personality as a player will be tested.

Below, our guide will help you resolve lag in FC Mobile 24 (EA Sports FIFA Mobile) on iPhone or Android (slow, frozen, choppy). To make your game experience more enjoyable. Join us

How to fix lag in FC Mobile

To fix lag in FC mobile, you need to lower your graphics settings, including crowd effects and UI effects. In order to fix FC Mobile lag, it is necessary to reduce the graphics settings, including crowd and user interface effects. You can also try to force close the other applications, followed by clearing the game cache or directly restarting your phone.

Solution 1 – Reduce Graphics Settings

  • Launch FC Mobile and tap on the settings icon.
  • Select "Graphics" and set it to "Medium."
  • Set "Post-Effects" to "Low."
  • Set "Crowd" to "Low."
  • Set "UI Effects" to "Low".

Solution 2: Force quit other apps

  • For Android: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Press and hold and release > Erase everything.
  • For iOS: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen > Release in the middle > Swipe up on each and every app to close them.

Solution 3: Clear cache

  • For Android: Open the Settings app > Apps > Manage apps > FC Mobile > Storage > Clear data > Clear cache > OK > Clear data > Clear all data > OK.
  • For iOS: Open the Settings app > General > iPhone Storage > FC Mobile > Download app > Reinstall app.

How to solve the delay in FC Mobile.

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Optimizing FC Mobile Performance: A Guide to Minimizing Lag

Network Optimization:

  • Prioritize Wi-Fi Connection: Utilize a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. Cellular data connections can be prone to fluctuations, impacting gameplay.
  • Restart Network Hardware: A simple router restart can often resolve network congestion and enhance internet speed.

Device Optimization:

  • Close Background Applications: Background applications can consume valuable resources. Force-closing unnecessary apps frees up memory and processing power for FC Mobile.
  • Maintain Software Updates: Ensure you're playing the latest version of FC Mobile and keep your device's operating system up-to-date. Updates frequently include performance enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Manage Device Temperature: Excessive heat can throttle device performance. Play in a cool environment and consider taking breaks if your device becomes warm.

In-Game Settings Adjustment:

  • Reduce Graphics Settings: Lowering graphics settings, such as crowd detail and UI effects, can significantly improve performance on devices with limited processing power.
  • Adjust Frame Rate: If lowering graphics settings proves insufficient, consider reducing the in-game frame rate. This can lead to smoother gameplay, particularly on older devices.
  • Enable Battery Saver Mode (if available): While this mode might slightly reduce visual fidelity, it can conserve battery life and potentially improve performance.

Additional Resources:

  • Utilize online platforms like YouTube to search for "[YouTube] FC Mobile Lag Fix." These video tutorials often provide valuable insights on optimizing settings for your specific device.
  • Explore the FC Mobile community forums or social media pages. These platforms are excellent resources for troubleshooting tips and experiences shared by other players.

That's all you need to know about How to Fix Lag in FC Mobile. With this guide, you will be able to solve the problems, so you can live the incredible experience that the game offers you.

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