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2023-10-09 04:41:34

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Learn How to get new shields in Monopoly GO. Boost your game strategy with our easy-to-follow guide for endless protection.

Monopoly GO is not your typical board game. In this digital adaptation, players not only strive to acquire properties and collect rent but also need to protect their landmarks from Shutdown attacks. Shields play a crucial role in defending your board and ensuring your landmarks remain safe. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of acquiring new shields, making it easier for you to protect your landmarks and emerge victorious in Monopoly GO.

 Understanding the Importance of Shields

In Monopoly GO, shields are your first line of defense against Shutdown attacks. These attacks not only halt the income generated by a landmark but also give the attacker a potential advantage. Shields provide a layer of protection that shields your landmarks from being targeted by other players. It is important to remember that once you run out of shields, your landmarks become vulnerable to Shutdown attacks.

 Collecting Shields through Quick Wins

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One of the primary ways to acquire new shield skins in Monopoly GO is by completing Quick Wins. Quick Wins are daily tasks that reward players with various in-game items, including shield skins. These tasks are designed to be easy to accomplish, allowing players to earn rewards without spending too much time. To make the most of Quick Wins, it is essential to complete enough tasks to fill up the Weekly Prize bar. Once the bar is full, you will unlock a new shield skin to add to your collection.

 Landing on Shield Spaces

Another effective way to collect shields in Monopoly GO is by strategically landing on shield spaces. These spaces are scattered across the game board and provide an opportunity to acquire shield skins. Actively seeking out shield spaces during your gameplay will not only help you gather more shields but also enhance your ability to defend your landmarks effectively. Keep a close eye on the board and make strategic moves to land on these spaces whenever possible.

 Staying Updated on Updates

Monopoly GO is a dynamic game that undergoes regular updates and changes. It is crucial to stay informed about these updates to maximize your chances of acquiring new shield cosmetics. Developers often introduce new shield skins to keep the game fresh and exciting. Make it a habit to check for game updates and announcements to stay ahead of the curve. By staying updated, you will be able to unlock the latest shield skins and showcase them to your opponents.

Shields play a vital role in Monopoly GO, protecting your landmarks from Shutdown attacks and ensuring your board remains a fortress of wealth. Acquiring new shields is an essential part of the game, and following this friendly guide will make the process easier for avid players. By understanding the importance of shields, actively participating in Quick Wins, strategically landing on shield spaces, and staying updated on game updates, you will be well on your way to collecting an impressive collection of shield skins. So gear up, protect your landmarks, and dominate the world of Monopoly GO!

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