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Discover the secrets of fHow to find Acquisitions and Schematics in Modern Warfare Zombies on our comprehensive website.

Welcome to our guide on finding Acquisitions and Schematics in Modern Warfare Zombies. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about these one-time-use items and gear. So, let's dive in!

How to find Acquisitions and Schematics in Modern Warfare Zombies

What are Acquisitions?

Acquisitions are valuable items that can give you an edge during your zombie-killing adventures. They can range from power-ups to enhancements for your weapons and gear. Here are a few ways to acquire them:

  • Purchasing: Before a match begins, you have the option to buy Acquisitions from the in-game store. Make sure to browse through the available options and choose wisely. The store offers a variety of items, including perks, weapons, and ammo mods.
  • Exploring: Keep an eye out for Acquisitions while exploring the map. They can be hidden in various locations, so be thorough in your search. Some may be in plain sight, while others may require solving puzzles or completing specific tasks to access.
  • Completing challenges: Some challenges within the game may reward you with Acquisitions upon completion. These challenges can vary from killing a certain number of zombies within a time limit to reaching a certain round without going down. Don't shy away from taking on these challenges for a chance at obtaining valuable items.

Managing Acquisitions:

Once you've acquired an item, it will appear in your Rucksack Menu for future use. The Rucksack Menu is where you can select which Acquisitions to equip before starting a match. Remember that using an Acquisition is not mandatory every time; you have the flexibility to strategize when to utilize them. Some items, like perk-a-colas, can be consumed instantly, while others, like ammo mods, can be activated when needed.

Understanding Schematics:

Schematics play a vital role in creating Acquisitions and enhancing your weapons or gear with useful modifications. Here's what you need to know:

  • Finding Schematics: Scattered throughout the maps are blueprints known as Schematics. These blueprints are essential for crafting Acquisitions. Keep your eyes peeled for these valuable resources. They can be hidden in various locations, such as inside secret rooms, behind locked doors, or even dropped by special zombies.
  • Crafting: Once you've obtained a Schematic, it can be used to craft an Acquisition before starting a match. This gives you an extra advantage right from the beginning. Crafting requires a combination of resources, such as salvage, scrap, or Aetherium crystals. Each Acquisition has its own unique requirements for crafting, so make sure to gather the necessary resources beforehand.

List of Available Acquisitions:

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To give you an idea of what kind of enhancements await, here is a list of some confirmed Acquisitions:

  • Aetherium: Aetherium crystals can be used to upgrade your perks, weapons, and field upgrades. They are essential for enhancing your abilities and surviving against stronger zombie waves.
  • Perk-a-cola: These iconic soda beverages grant you unique abilities and enhancements. Each perk-a-cola provides a different advantage, such as increased health, faster reload speed, or increased damage output.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri: This perk improves your accuracy by reducing weapon sway and increasing headshot damage. It also highlights enemy weak points, making it easier to take down zombies.
  • Death Perception: This perk enhances your awareness by revealing nearby zombies through walls and providing a boost to your armor. It also increases the range of your equipment, making it more effective against the undead.
  • Elemental Pop: This perk adds elemental effects to your bullet damage, giving you a chance to unleash fire, frost, or electric damage on your enemies. It also has a chance to refund ammo when using alternate ammo types.
  • Jugger-Nog: This iconic perk increases your maximum health, allowing you to withstand more damage from zombies. It is essential for surviving in higher rounds when the zombie's strength increases.
  • PHD Flopper: This perk grants you explosive immunity and increases your explosive damage. It also allows you to perform a dolphin dive, creating a shockwave that damages nearby enemies upon landing.
  • Quick Revive: This perk allows you to revive yourself faster when downed and increases your health regeneration rate. It is a crucial perk for solo players or when playing with a team.
  • Speed Cola: This perk greatly increases your reload speed, making it easier to keep up with the constant onslaught of zombies. It also reduces the time it takes to rebuild barriers.
  • Stamin-Up: This perk enhances your mobility by increasing your sprint speed and reducing the delay before your sprint meter starts recharging. It allows you to maneuver through the map more efficiently.
  • Tombstone Soda: This perk creates a tombstone power-up upon death, allowing you to retain your weapons, equipment, and perks upon revival. It adds an extra layer of protection against losing progress.
  • Ammo Mods: These enhancements can be applied to your weapons, granting them special abilities. Some examples include turning your bullets into explosive rounds or adding a chance to stun zombies.

Please note that additional Acquisitions may be added as the game is fully released, so stay tuned for more surprises!

Now that you have a better understanding of how to find Acquisitions and Schematics in Modern Warfare Zombies, go out there and equip yourself with these valuable items. They can make a significant difference in your survival against the undead hordes. Remember to explore the maps thoroughly, complete challenges, and keep an eye out for Schematics. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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