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How to get Back in the Field Achievement in Modern Warfare 3 with our comprehensive guide to achieving success.

Welcome, fellow gamers! Are you ready to earn the "Back in the Field" achievement in Modern Warfare 3? This achievement requires acquiring the Major's keycard in the mission 'Deep Cover' within 90 seconds without being detected. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a friendly guide on how to accomplish this challenging task. Let's dive right into it!

How to get Back in the Field Achievement in Modern Warfare 3

Step 1: Skip the Cutscene and Prepare for Action

To kickstart your mission and maximize your chances of success, you'll want to quickly skip the cutscene. In Modern Warfare 3, the button to skip a cutscene may vary depending on the platform you're playing on. On most consoles, it's usually the 'A' or 'X' button, while on PC it's typically the 'Spacebar'. Once you have skipped the cutscene, you'll find yourself in the middle of a tense situation.

Before you rush into action, remember to holster your weapon. This will allow you to move faster and more efficiently without the risk of accidentally firing your gun and alerting nearby enemies. Once your weapon is holstered, it's time to sprint towards the right side of the road in front of the armored car.

Step 2: Sneak Around Like a Pro

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As the armored vehicle overtakes you, swiftly move to the left side of the road and cautiously enter the nearby building. Stay low and undetected as you follow behind the truck until you reach an open gate on your right. This gate will serve as your entry point into the next area, so it's important to reach it without being noticed.

Approaching the guard stationed near the gate requires some finesse. To avoid alerting him, make sure to go behind him silently. This can be achieved by crouching and moving slowly. Take advantage of the guard's limited field of vision and move when he is facing away from you. One wrong move, and the guard will raise the alarm, making your mission much more difficult.

Step 3: Navigate Through The Building

Once inside the building, you'll need to navigate through it with precision and stealth. Take a left turn and patiently wait near a door. Keep your eyes peeled for when the Major shows up at another door within range. Timing is crucial here! When he reaches his top step, execute a perfectly timed takedown on him. Be careful not to strike too early or you might alert nearby guards or get spotted by a soldier inside.

To perform a takedown, you'll need to be close to the Major without drawing attention to yourself. Move slowly and quietly towards him, ensuring that no other enemies are within earshot. Once you're within range, press the appropriate button prompt to take him down swiftly and silently.

Congratulations! By following these friendly guidelines, you are well on your way to earning that elusive "Back in the Field" achievement in Modern Warfare 3. This achievement not only showcases your skills as a stealthy operative but also adds a significant challenge to the game. Remember, it may require a few attempts and some calculated risks, but with perseverance and patience, victory will be yours! The key to success in this mission is to remain undetected and execute your actions with precision.

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