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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about Best Haymaker loadout for Modern Warfare 3.

Within Modern Warfare 3 you will find a large number of weapons that will help you advance in the game story and kill the enemies that come your way and among these weapons are shotguns, which are ideal when it comes to close combat. distance and among all of them, Haymaker tends to stand out.

This rapid-fire semi-automatic shotgun will provide you with a pretty exciting experience, however, for this to work perfectly you will need to equip them with the right equipment so that you can cut through enemies very easily, and if you don't know how to do it, don't worry. , since in this guide you will find everything you need to know about it.

Best Haymaker loadout for Modern Warfare 3

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Weapon Attachments:

  • Muzzle: XTEN Modified Choke: This attachment prioritizes precision by tightening pellet spread, enhancing hipfire accuracy, and improving Tactical Stance effectiveness. It also offers a slight boost to damage range.
  • Barrel: Imperator Long Barrel: The Imperator Long Barrel extends the Haymaker's effective range by increasing bullet velocity and overall reach. This is crucial for maximizing the shotgun's potential beyond point-blank encounters.
  • Stock: No Stock Mod: This selection prioritizes mobility and agility. The No Stock Mod significantly enhances movement speed, sprint-to-fire time, ADS speed, and aim walking movement.  However, be aware of the trade-off as it reduces weapon stability.
  • Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop: The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop further complements the No Stock Mod's focus on mobility. It bolsters the Haymaker's handling by improving sprint speed, ADS speed, and aim walking movement.
  • Conversion Kit: JAK Maglift Kit: This is the centerpiece of the build. The JAK Maglift Kit essentially transforms the Haymaker into a semi-automatic shotgun. It significantly enhances fire rate, magazine capacity (increased to 60 rounds), damage range, and recoil control. This conversion provides a significant advantage in close-quarters combat scenarios.

Perk Selection (Focus: Mobility and Stealth):

  • Vest: Infantry Vest: The Infantry Vest prioritizes tactical sprinting, allowing for faster map traversal and quicker positioning for close-quarter engagements.
  • Gloves: Commando: The Commando perk enhances overall movement by enabling reloading while sprinting. This proves invaluable in the fast-paced, close-range environment the Haymaker excels in.
  • Boots: Covert: These boots prioritize stealth by muffling your footsteps. This allows you to approach enemies undetected and unleash the Haymaker's surprise factor.
  • Camouflage: Ghost T/V: Ghost T/V camouflage further enhances your ability to remain undetected. It conceals you from enemy UAVs and radar, allowing for even more strategic flanking maneuvers.

Equipment Selection (Focus: Tactical Elimination):

  • Lethal: Semtex: Semtex grenades offer a versatile tactical option. They can be thrown around corners, on top of cover, or directly attached to enemies for efficient elimination.
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade: Flash grenades are ideal for disorienting enemies before engaging with the Haymaker. They create a temporary window of opportunity for a decisive close-range takedown.
  • Field Upgrade: Trophy System: The Trophy System is a defensive choice that protects you from incoming grenades and explosives. This proves particularly valuable in objective-based game modes where enemies might rely heavily on grenades. 

Unlocking the Haymaker:

  • Players can unlock the Haymaker shotgun by reaching Level 39 in Multiplayer.
  • Alternatively, successful exfiltration with the Haymaker in Zombies mode also unlocks it for use in Multiplayer.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on Best Haymaker loadout for Modern Warfare 3 will be helpful to you and that you will be able to correctly equip this incredible shotgun, which will allow you to destroy the enemies that the game presents to you. You will only need to follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying everything that Modern Warfare 3 has for you.

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