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Discover All zombie types in Modern Warfare 3 on our website, providing comprehensive information and insights.

In the thrilling world of Modern Warfare 3, players are faced with a variety of zombies that will test their skills and strategy. From regular zombies to imposing mega abominations, each type presents a unique challenge. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to all eight zombie types and provide valuable insights on how to effectively deal with them. So, grab your weapons and let's dive into the world of undead!

All zombie types in Modern Warfare 3

Regular Zombies:

The regular zombies are the backbone of the undead horde in Modern Warfare 3. These shambling creatures spawn randomly throughout the game, appearing in large numbers. While they may not possess any special abilities, their sheer quantity can overwhelm unprepared players. The key to dealing with regular zombies is to stay alert and maintain a steady aim. Headshots are particularly effective in taking them down efficiently.

Armoured Zombies:

Unlike their regular counterparts, armoured zombies come equipped with defensive armor. This added protection makes them more challenging to eliminate. Standard bullets may not be enough to penetrate their defenses, so sustained firepower or precise shots at weak points, if available, are essential. Exploit any vulnerabilities you can find to neutralize these tougher adversaries.


Beware of the hellhounds! These aggressive and agile creatures may possess low health, but they make up for it with their speed and ferocity in combat. Engaging them in close-quarters combat is not recommended, as their bites can quickly drain your health. Instead, keep your distance and deliver focused attacks to dispatch them swiftly. Shotguns or high-powered rifles are effective against these swift adversaries.


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Manglers are formidable adversaries that pose a significant threat on the battlefield. These undead creatures boast high defense, ranged attacks, and devastating damage potential. However, they also have weak points that can be exploited for quicker takedowns. Aim for their hand cannon or head to deal critical damage. Coordination with your team is crucial when facing manglers, as focusing fire on weak points can make a significant difference in battle.


Do not underestimate the smaller adversaries known as crawlers. These undead creatures may have lower health and armor, but their fast movement and decent damage output can catch you off guard if you're not careful. To handle groups of crawlers efficiently, maintain situational awareness and use area-of-effect attacks. Grenades or explosive weapons can be particularly effective against these agile foes.


The disciples bring a different set of challenges to the battlefield. These cunning zombies possess summoning abilities and can steal health from other zombies within their horde. Keep an eye out for these cunning foes, prioritize taking them down quickly, and avoid letting them drain your health. Coordinating with your team to eliminate disciples swiftly will help ensure your survival.


Mimics are masters of deception and blending into their environment. These sneaky creatures can deal significant damage with their ranged attacks. Look for subtle clues such as objects that seem out of place and be ready to react swiftly when you suspect an object may actually be a mimic. Target their weak points, such as their eyes or exposed appendages, to neutralize them faster. Vigilance is key when dealing with these elusive adversaries.

Mega Abominations:

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of skill with the mega abominations. These massive three-headed creatures are the most formidable zombies you will encounter in Modern Warfare 3. They boast high damage output, formidable ranged and melee attacks, and imposing armor. Facing mega abominations requires coordination and a strategic approach. Focus fire on their weak points, such as their heads or exposed flesh, to maximize damage. Alternatively, employing powerful weapons and explosives can tip the odds in your favor. Teamwork and communication are vital when confronting these behemoths.

In Modern Warfare 3's zombie mode, each type of undead enemy presents its own unique challenges and requires different strategies for success. Familiarizing yourself with the various zombie types and their characteristics will greatly enhance your chances of survival. Stay vigilant, work together with your team, and adapt your tactics accordingly. Whether you're facing regular zombies, armoured adversaries, or mega abominations, remember to stay calm and focused. Good luck out there, soldier!

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