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2022-09-27 09:48:16

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Today we bring you a guide where we will explain how to get Activision ID in Modern Warfare 2.

What does it mean to get Activision ID in COD MW2?

  Having the opportunity to have a multiplayer option that allows us to live a much more interesting experience, this multiplayer aspect allows us to function more comfortably, considering that it is a game that is usually available on PC and new generation consoles.

How to get Activision ID in Modern Warfare 2?

  It is necessary to take into account that before embarking on a multiplayer game we must have:
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  • Name
  • Activision ID.


  Once we have these requirements we must:


  •   Start the game and press the Options button.
  • Then, we navigate to Settings which is in the menu on the right side of our screen.
  • Next, we move to Account and Network.
  • We proceed to select the Online tab under the tab and click on Activision Account.
  • Next, we will see the Activision name and the Activision ID that we need to copy.
  • We return to the Start to press the Options button and click on Social.
  • Then we will go to Friends to send the Activision ID from the game to our friends so that they can join our game.
  • Friends will be able to see the sent invitation and join the game.


  Now that you know how to get Activision ID in Modern Warfare 2, you can apply it and thus enjoy more entertaining games.

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