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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-27 15:43:18

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Today we bring a guide where we will tell you how to unlock RARE X13 BETA blueprint in Modern Warfare 2

What is RARE X13 BETA blueprint in COD MW2?

  This is a necessary blueprint for a particular weapon, this considering that this game has a good amount of artifacts that can be used, even being in the beta we have various weapons that we can take advantage of and get rid of the enemies, especially taking Note that this is a primary weapon.

How to unlock RARE X13 BETA blueprint in Modern Warfare 2?

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This weapon is a powerful element that we have and that allows us to get rid of multiple enemies, although it is true, it is a good weapon, it is possible that once this game is launched we will have more powerful weapons, this plane is usually achieved as some exclusive reward of this beta, we must equip it so that it can give us an impressive pistol aspect, only that carrying out this process is not usually a very easy task to execute this makes it necessary to consider that we must reach level 15 of the game.

To get this plan it is necessary:


  •  Click on the Weapon at the top of our screen and in the next window we will click on Loadout.
  • We proceed to select X13 Auto from the secondary weapon slot and we will obtain the X13 Slide Impact blueprint, we just have to click on the equip option and that's it.


 Now that you know how to unlock RARE X13 BETA blueprint in Modern Warfare 2, you can take care of progressing a bit in the game until you get the level and thus have this blueprint, try it.

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