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2022-09-27 08:33:07

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Today, we bring you a guide on How to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig.

What to know about drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig?

  We will be robbed by this boss at the beginning of the game while we face the Hexcavators boss, as we progress we will reach the point of having to face each other in a final combat, which will lead us to know How to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig and to help us we must closely follow the following content.

How to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig?

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In this confrontation this boss will use repeated combos, he comes forward being open to attack, at that point he begins with a jump through the air in the form of a drill that will lead him to be buried in the ground, when he emerges you will see sparks coming out from the impact, we can take advantage of this moment to attack him, he will have his hand stuck on the side of the arena, which puts us in a good position to cause him damage, but with caution because it will free his hand, as for How to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig is vital this action in much of the combat, having open windows to attack him, which will allow us to progress in this first stage.

 The amount of HP that this boss has is important, when we put him with half his life some things appear, among them it fills with sand, this forces us to dig during the entire second stage of the fight, we must avoid being dragged to the back wall because it will cause us great damage, you will see some spikes going through the ground, it will apply the same attacks of the first stage and added some new ones, as for How to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig he will make his drill jump, only with this he will remove the obstacles in the way, when dodging we can attack him in the same way, while for the new of his attacks he accelerates the movement of land and when he is laughing we can attack him, preventing us from being dragged in his direction, he will use his fist of drilling when flying through the earth indirectly, we must avoid being caught when we are making a path and the last thing it can do is turn a top with some blades, we have to distance ourselves until When does this movement end?

 While we do almost full drop his health will come with a final attack we will see a circular saw and quickly what is dirty will go in another direction what we will do here as far as how to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig is to press the button to dig and reach it before the saw catches us, taking into account the movement and rhythm of the boss we will go through the first stage memorizing and through the second stage while we take care of ourselves, in the end we will have defeated this boss.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat drill knight in Shovel Knight Dig, we can continue with our progress in such a busy game.

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