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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-26 16:29:26

More about: Modern Warfare 2

Getting problems in a game is normal, let's see How to fix Modern Warfare 2 Application has unexpectedly stopped working Error.

What is COD MW2 Application has unexpectedly stopped working Error?

 This is just another of the many errors that we come across in this beta and that makes the application stop working unexpectedly, in this case it is necessary to know How to fix Modern Warfare 2 The application has stopped working unexpectedly Error, it should be noted that a specific solution for this problem does not exist, but there are some fixes that can be executed and that allow us to solve it, errors are usually normal in games, but the beta generally brings more and this allows developers work on them so that they do not affect us once the game is released definitively, it should be noted that this inconvenience usually occurs quite frequently in PC players.

How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 The Application Has Unexpectedly Stopped Working Error?

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Verify that the drivers are up to date: this is the first action to take to solve this error, sometimes these are shown to us when the drivers are out of date.

Reset the shading quality “to lesser”: this is another option to solve the error, for this we only have to take care of clicking on the game configuration and proceed to click on Nvidia Reflex and On-Demand Tecture Streaming to establish shading quality IN MEMORY.

Play in full screen: some players make use of windowed mode and this may show the error, it is better to opt for full screen, this will fix it.

 Verify the integrity of the files: this is another solution to know How to fix Modern Warfare 2 The application has stopped working unexpectedly Error, this is an option that is usually done quickly and allows us to verify if there are corrupt or damaged files, for this we must:


  •  Go to the Steam library and right click on MW2 where we select Properties.
  • Then, we will go to the Local files tab to click Verify the integrity of the game files, we just wait for this process to be committed and that's it.


Run the game in the administrator and access the frame rate from the menu: this is another action to execute and for this we must:


  •  Find out that the executable file has been saved in the drive of our PC and right click on it and go to Properties.
  • Then, we will click on the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator box.


 Uninstall and reinstall: this is a last option to run and only applies if none of the previous solutions have worked.

 Now you know how to fix Modern Warfare 2 The application has stopped working unexpectedly Error you can apply any of these solutions, try it.

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