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2022-09-21 09:43:13

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As we get into a game we manage to make changes, let's see what is the best Kastov-74u loadout Modern Warfare 2 beta.

What is the point of having the best Kastov-74u COD MW2 beta build?

 Having the opportunity to apply a series of accessories that allow us to make this weapon much more formidable, this is a weapon that we can access in this multiplayer beta and that even though there are not many attachments we look for a way to equip it, this is an interesting weapon of the AK74u ​​version and the Krastov assault rifle, this weapon usually works in a similar way to an SMG, but with a certain range of damage and mobility that usually makes it interesting and from which we can take full advantage of it, in this sense, it is necessary to equip accessories that allow us to make this weapon an excellent companion and prepare to have more complete accessories when the game is finally released.


What is the best Kastov-74u loadout Modern Warfare 2 beta?

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For some players, not equipping it may suit them better, however, each one can make their own decision and choose or not equip it, in this case, equipping it can offer us some interesting changes that we can take advantage of and they are:

  •   Muzzle: Echoline GS-X Suppressor
  • Optics: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Laser: 4MW laser box
  • Under the barrel: FSS Sharkfin 90.


  It should be noted that equipping this weapon usually makes it have some differences, however, it is highly possible that once the full game is released, it can change 100 percent, this makes us test the accessories, more let's not get used to them at all.

  This is everything you need to know about the best Loadout Kastov-74u Modern Warfare 2 beta, just choose or not apply these accessories and that's it.

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