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We invite you to discover How to make charcoal, a new task, in Minecraft.

What to know about coal in Minecraft?

It is a necessary element that we will use for fuel or with the purpose of manufacturing other things, among which torches and campfires stand out, being something important that we must have in our inventory, to know how to make charcoal it is very opportune to take this into account guide with the following content.

How to make charcoal in Minecraft?

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    Starting from the region in which we find ourselves, the fact of finding coal is complex, but as long as there are trees around us, it is possible to do it in Minecraft, no matter what stage we are in, there is no limitation depending on the platform, in any This element will be available, which requires that we have Logs of wood regardless of the type, a furnace and the fuel source.

    As for How to make charcoal, we have that at any point on the map there are wooden logs, but in the case of the oven, 8 cobblestones are required for its construction, which are dug up from the ground, what we will do first is transform the wooden logs on wooden planks, the ones we have will be placed on 4 wooden planks, the result being the work table, the next thing is the oven by means of this with the use of the 8 cobblestones, the last thing we will do is open the oven and place the wood on top of this, for this we go to the upper box of the oven and with a fuel source such as coal for the box below, we will see the trunk cook and when the wood burns we will have it appear in Minecraft by the box of the right coal.

    The previous indications allow us to complete the process quickly, considering that it will take about 80 seconds for the oven to burn the charcoal, but collecting the materials in terms of How to make charcoal if they require a longer time, possibly, now the use of the campfires to decompose without the enchantment allows us to add a couple of coals, perhaps being a fairly quick option to obtain it.

    In this way we finish our Minecraft guide, now you know how to make charcoal, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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