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With our Citizen Sleeper guide, you will learn more about How to get a Siderail ticket.

What to know about the Siderail ticket in Citizen Sleeper?

It is something necessary that will allow us to take a boat out of the station, being a form of escape and that is linked to half of the final 8, now looking to be aware of How to get a Siderail ticket we have to put attention to the details presented below, let's see.

How to get a Siderail ticket at Citizen Sleeper?

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The first thing we will do during the mission of the first act is to build a railing, which is not presented at the beginning of Citizen Sleeper, there is a Siderail construction site that is at the southern end of the eye, here we will be able to meet Lem, this turns out to be a co-worker who is seeking support for the construction of a boat in exchange for a ticket for him and his daughter, so we are going to be able to build it, this task is complex, despite doing it there is no one to board it, Regarding How to obtain a Siderail ticket, we go to the second act, here we must have unlocked Low End, we must progress until we have access to this point, for this reason we will do different tasks, with this we will meet the Beaver, at the same time we will be will present the option to take care of Mina while Lem is working, we can ignore this, although completing the promise allows us to add a ticket for the three of us.

Now we will find ourselves in the third act in Citizen Sleeper, which will take us to the Hub, here around the elevator there are some tasks to complete, this will put us at the top of the eye, where the Siderail docks, when we examine it we will have the support of Castor, with this a new location will appear, that of Celis Servers, which is very close to the ship's construction site, we must hack it to add the three identifications, these being for us, Lem and Mina, then as soon as a How to get a Siderail ticket will be solved at this point, also 3 endings will be unlocked if the three of us have the tickets, while the tickets are discarded if we don't tell Lem about them three times, leaving us all out of the ship, because we will all be trapped in the station and there is a problematic ending, the normal thing is that when the day arrives we board towards an unknown planet or see how they go.

Finally, now that we know how to get a Siderail ticket we can move on to Citizen Sleeper.

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