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2022-10-17 09:04:37

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Today we bring a guide where we will explain how to fix the FIFA 23 Web App not working error.

What is FIFA 23 Web App Not Working Error?

This is part of the drawbacks with which we get in this game and that does not bode well for us, this is an error that usually hinders the gaming experience, this causes us to create our dream team and is usually seen quartered, this in the middle of a game that has been released for a short time and that has a considerable number of players to its credit.

How to fix FIFA 23 Web App not working error?

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It is necessary to take into account that this problem does not usually have a fix, at least as of now, however, it should be noted that there are some fixes that could be implemented before and that can be put into execution, these are:

Close session and start session: this is a fix to execute to solve this problem and this action allows generating a kind of refresh.

Clear the cache files and restart the game: this is another action to take to solve this problem and that allows us to get rid of it.

This is all we know about How to fix the FIFA 23 web app not working error, as fixes arise we will offer you the information quickly in this way.

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