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Minecraft: How To Make a Nether Portal - Tips and tricks

2020-01-27 10:45:09

How many Minecraft fans do you know? We many and we include ourselves and many do not know how to make an abyssal portal but we have covered it in this guide.

What is an abyssal portal in Minecraft.

This is an interdimensional portal that will allow you to travel from the common game world to the Nether, a dimension inspired by Hell, surrounded by fire and lava rivers in addition to the dangerous creatures that dominate the site.

It may sound like a dangerous place, but it is a very interesting place, considering that it is something totally different from the normal game world, but not everyone knows how to go to this place and for this it is necessary to know how to make an abyssal portal in Minecraft or the gateway that connects the underworld and the abyss, which we will tell you in this guide.

How to make an abyssal portal in Minecraft.

The first thing you have to know about how to make an abyssal portal is that to do so you will need to have at least about 10 obsidian blocks. Obsidian is the hardest block of Minecraft and is formed when lava collides with a water source.

Being the hardest block you will need to make use of a diamond spike to get the blocks.

Obsidian can also be obtained by destroying the obsidian towers found at the end.

To build the portal we recommend you to find a good place before starting to place the blocks, it can be inside your house or outside it, but try to be close to quickly locate it in the underworld.

Once the site is found you will have to build a 4 x 5 rectangle built upwards, that is, the base touches the ground and the rest is in the direction of the sky from where you do not necessarily have to place the corner blocks.

When you have the rectangle of obsidian blocks you will have to turn it on, this can be done with a lighter that you can build with a flint and steel or a fire load built with Blaze Powder, Gunpowder and Coal.

When you have what it takes to turn on the portal you will have to turn on the internal part of the margo and a window of a purple color will be created, at that time your portal will be on and activated ready to be used. If you break the purple window the portal will turn off but you can turn it on if you have the necessary material to do so.

Keep in mind that if you break the portal's window while in the Nether, you can obtain the necessary materials to turn it on again by killing the mobs that live there.

How to make an abyssal portal in Minecraft - Change of location.

Now that you know how to make an abyssal portal, what you have to do to relocate your potal is basically to destroy it and build it again in the desired place. Keep in mind that if you die inside the Nether you will have five minutes to find your items starting after entering the Nether instead of five minutes after spawning.

So we finish this guide on how to make an abyssal portal in Minecraft and now that you know how to do it, it is time to start looking for the necessary materials for its construction and start the adventure in a new dimension.

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