2020-07-09 14:35:07

The world of construction continues to fail. Let's see how to solve the OpenGL issue in Minecraft.

Why are we presented with the OpenGL issue in Minecraft?

Getting us with errors has become a constant in almost all games and this is because they are made by humans and we can all be wrong, it is more if everything was perfect we would be just like this game, squares, and that is not what it implies some bugs, but this specifically may be due to the fact that we are playing in 8K or simply in some large laptop, whatever has a solution and here we have proposed to explain it to you.
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    How to fix OpenGL issue in Minecraft?

    A solution to this issue is to disable shaders since they can particularly generate some changes in textures and terrain in this game, since they usually affect us in the mods that we can be using and this simply does not allow us to enjoy this game with the quality that really deserves.

    Another solution that is a little more complex but that can be useful is the possibility of updating the graphic controls and that is that sometimes being out of date can cause us some problems, so it will only be necessary to check in Device Manager and locate the driver there. We consider it will be necessary to update, then we only press the secondary button where the option to update the controller will be shown.

     This is all you need to know about how to solve the OpenGL issue since they are not very complicated but necessary solutions in Minecraft.

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