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Find out how to earn Vetra loyalty to advance in Mass Effect Andromeda.

What to know about Vetra in Mass Effect Andromeda?

It is a Turian woman that we have in Ryder's team or Commander Shepard, it turns out to be the first woman in this situation, it is important to dedicate enough time to solve How to win Vetra's loyalty, for this we can follow some tips that will be presented next in this guide, let's see them.

How to earn Vetra loyalty in Mass Effect Andromeda?

  • Talk to her: the interaction with colleagues turns out to be one of the aspects that stand out in Mass Effect Andromeda, which allows us to know a lot about the characters and in seeking to solve How to win Vetra's loyalty it is appropriate to apply it, we can even start a romance, only that it is not a factor to achieve what we want, so once we have completed missions we can talk to her while we are in the places of the Tempest ship.
  • The sister: when we get to have the opportunity to speak the first time with Vetra in Mass Effect Andromeda, we can notice that she will be speaking with Sid, her younger sister, through other conversations we will be able to know that she raised her sister alone after being abandoned by their parents, which led to being working on whatever regardless of the legality of it, being someone who protects his sister this is of great value in terms of how to gain Vetra's loyalty for the mission

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  • The loyalty mission: once we leave Kadara the Vetra Nyx mission means and ends we can obtain it, being necessary to have spoken enough with her, taking into account two possibilities to access this mission, which is presented when Ryder receives an email from Sid indicating that he wants to talk to him and his sister, we ignore this, and we can go directly to Vetra's room to talk, no matter how we start this mission in Mass Effect Andromeda, we have Sid notify Ryder and Vetra that he heard a message that is related to him, he lost some settlers and that it may be related to a kidnapping, so looking to know how to win Vetra's loyalty we will see that he also accepts it to verify it.
  • The preparation of the mission: here we will have some combats, which require ideal weapons for short and medium distance situations, if we do not have them we can create or buy them, it is also important a partner joined us and with Vetra, because this mission she must go if we seek to understand how to earn Vetra's loyalty in Mass Effect Andromeda.
  • The mission: after we have prepared we have to go to H-047c, where we land, we will look for the navigation point that will show the dome structure, upon entering we will start the mission, here the group will be affected by a Mercenary named Meriweather, which intends to go against Vetra, now something that is causing confusion is the gratitude of former members of this mercenary's band for having saved them, but she does not know them at all, previously you have to see how pass the door below that is closed, but there is someone who shows up to open it, this person being Sid who came to pose as Vetra to help in the same way as his sister, only that the danger is still exposed in Mass Effect Andromeda, a time we continue to solve how to win Vetra's loyalty we have to at some point catch Sid to make her hostage by Meriweather.
  • The rescue: Meriweather has Sid in a hangar while holding a grenade in her hands, which is intended to force us to put down our weapons, but a button is presented as a firing option by Ryder to Meriweather, she will drop the grenade, and He ends up releasing the hostage, which makes Vetra use the grenade against him in Mass Effect Andromeda, certainly whatever happens when pressing Sid will come out unharmed, but he loses some advantage in the fight, at some point he sees reinforcements arriving and if we want to save Sid we have to face them.
  • The consequences: we will see how Vetra despite consoling her sister will give her a strong scolding for what happened, but she apologizes and lets Vetra know that she only wanted to help people leave this criminal refuge, which comes To be the right thing to do in his opinion, since then it is possible to achieve How to win Vetra's loyalty.

In this way we finalize our Mass Effect Andromeda guide, now you know how to earn Vetra's loyalty, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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