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The bugs are present lately in PS4 and for that reason we are going to tell you How to fix the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot), let's see.

What is overheating in PS4?

  It is the steam that is above the temperature and this is simply known as heat, in consoles it usually occurs regularly, because specifically in PS4 it can make us perceive some damage so it is necessary to know How to solve the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot) that can be transformed in serious trouble ending up ruining our console.
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    How to fix overheating error in PS4?

     Run some cleaning routines.

     A fundamental reason why it is necessary to know how to fix the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot) is the accumulated dust in our console, since many times we only choose to use it and we do not notice to clean it, for this it is necessary:


     Unplug our PS4.

    • Then take a can of compressed air to guide it to the fan openings of our console.
    • Next we proceed to go through and clean the USB ports.
    • It is possible to clean our console with a microfiber cloth for the USB ports or the cracks in the console.
    • Then we proceed to connect the PS4 again to play again, observing that this failure has already improved.


     Turn off our PS4.

     Our way of knowing How to fix the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot) allows us to try other options if the previous solution has not worked, because sometimes playing for a long time can cause it to overheat and this means that the performance can be extremely low, in this situation It is possible that this may also be linked to the temperature of the room, since hot houses can cause overheating, which makes us have to have some cooling support, since the ideal is that our house has a temperature that oscillates between 50 and 80 degrees, you also need to:


    •  Turn off our PS4.
    • Let it cool down to normal temperature.


     Count on updates to our PS4 and games.

     Sometimes we find that both the console and the games are not up to date and this becomes an inconvenience that leads us to look for an answer about How to solve the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot), as this may be because for updates it is necessary to be connected to the internet and not everyone usually does it, for this it is necessary:


    •  Select Settings in the menu at the top of the screen where there is a briefcase.
    • Proceed to select System Software Update.
    • Then look for the updates that are available and if there is, select Install update. (Applies for PS4 console)

    In the case of games, it is necessary to consider that these are updated since sometimes the console requires it, since it is part of our objective to know how to solve the overheating error that makes us not able to play with all the peace of mind we deserve. for this it is necessary:


    •  Access the main menu of our PS4 and proceed to highlight the game.
    • Then we press the Options button of our controller.
    • We move down through the menu to get to where it says Check for update and select.
    • If there is an update, it is necessary to select Install update, otherwise it will only notify us. (Some consoles usually do the updates automatically).


     Sometimes it is possible to have done all these exercises to avoid overheating but they seem to not solve anything, so it is necessary to take a look at the console as such, because it may have a factory defect, for example sometimes the fans of our PS4 can make too much noise, something that normally should not occur and this does not make them work, because being new this should not happen which makes us have to contact the seller since it would be necessary to opt for the guarantee for a console that is truly serviceable .


     It is important to consider some details that for some may not be relevant, however in this guide on How to solve the overheating error we can tell you that it is necessary to place our console in a horizontal position, although it is true it was designed to be placed vertically it is possible that This can bring us some errors, preventing the fans from working perfectly well, since this does not allow the necessary amount of air to enter, in addition to placing it in a space that is not very narrow.

     In conclusion, knowing how to fix the overheating error (The PS4 is too hot) simply leads us to pay more attention to the simple details, since the PS4 is a very delicate console that requires care and good treatment

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