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We have made a detailed guide to explain to you How to fix Lost Light crashing and freezing.

Lost Light players may experience crashes and freezes due to various factors such as device limitations, software conflicts, insufficient resources, corrupted game files, and network instability. This document presents technical solutions and preventative measures to address these issues and improve the gaming experience.


  • Identify the root cause: It is crucial to determine the underlying cause of crashes and freezes. Players can observe if the issues occur during startup, mid-game, or under specific circumstances.
  • Check system requirements: It is critical to ensure that the device meets the minimum system requirements to run Lost Light smoothly. Not attempting to run the game on incompatible hardware can prevent performance issues.
  • Monitor resource usage: Players can use system monitoring tools to observe memory, CPU, and GPU usage during gameplay. If any of these resources are depleted, it can be an indicator of a performance issue.

How to fix Lost Light crashing and freezing?

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  • Software updates: It's essential to keep Lost Light, the operating system, and device drivers up to date. Updates often include bug fixes and performance optimizations that can improve game stability.
  • Optimizing device performance: Closing unnecessary background applications, adjusting in-game graphics settings, and restarting your device before playing can free up system resources and improve performance.
  • Verifying the integrity of game files: Some issues can be caused by corrupted game files. The "Verify integrity of game files" feature in the game launcher (e.g. Steam) can identify and repair these files.
  • Resetting game settings: In some cases, resetting game settings to default can fix performance issues. This option is usually available in the game's settings menu.

Additional considerations

  • Stable internet connection: A reliable, high-speed internet connection is crucial for playing online without interruptions or freezes. Players should use a wired Ethernet connection if possible or ensure they have a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal.
  • Controller Support: It is recommended to use the latest and official device drivers provided by the hardware manufacturer. Outdated or third-party drivers may cause compatibility issues.
  • Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software: It is important to keep your antivirus and anti-malware software up to date as some malware infections can interfere with the operation of games.

Technical Support

If issues persist after implementing the above solutions, it is recommended to contact Lost Light customer support. The game developers can provide additional assistance and look into specific issues affecting players.

By understanding the causes of crashes and freezes in Lost Light, players can implement solutions and preventative measures to improve their gaming experience.

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