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Welcome to our friendly guide on how to find the Ono Michio figurine in Like A Dragon Gaiden! If you're a fan of this game and eager to collect all the goodies it has to offer, we've got you covered. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of locating this elusive figurine, including some tips and tricks along the way. So let's dive right in!

Where to Find Ono Michio figurine in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Section 1: Setting the Stage

To begin your quest for the Ono Michio figurine, head over to the northern part of the city map where you'll find the Club Sega arcade. This is the destination you need to reach in order to acquire the figurine. The Club Sega arcade is a popular spot in the game, offering various activities and mini-games to enjoy.

Section 2: Inside Club Sega Arcade

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Once you enter Club Sega, make your way towards the UFO Catcher claw machines. These machines are a staple in arcades and offer the chance to win prizes by maneuvering a claw to grab them. The Ono Michio figurine is one of the prizes you can win in the UFO Catcher machines.

Locate the machine with four hexagonal boxes that contain various figurines. These boxes are usually arranged in a row, making it easy to spot them. Pay attention to the two boxes on the left side of the machine, as they are likely to have the desired figurines.

Section 3: The Challenge Begins

Extracting the desired boxes with the claw can be quite challenging, so be prepared for a little bit of skill and luck. The claw's movements are controlled by a joystick, and you'll need to position it carefully to grab the box containing the Ono Michio figurine.

It may take a few attempts before you can successfully grab the box. Don't get discouraged if you miss on your first try, as it often takes practice to master the timing and movements required. Keep an eye on the claw's position and adjust accordingly.

If at any point during your attempts, one or both of the boxes get knocked over, don't worry! Simply approach the operator overseeing the UFO Catcher machines and kindly ask them to change the prizes until all boxes are back upright. Operators are usually helpful and accommodating, so don't hesitate to seek assistance.

Section 4: Mission Accomplished!

Congratulations! After successfully extracting the Ono Michio figurine from one of those tricky claw machines, it's time to claim your rewards. Make sure to hold onto the figurine as it is a valuable item.

Return this prized possession to the quest giver, who will be waiting for you outside the Club Sega arcade. The quest giver will reward you with an impressive bounty of 650 Akame Network points and a generous sum of 15,000 yen. These rewards can be used to enhance your gaming experience and progress further in the game.

And there you have it! Following these friendly guidelines will surely lead you straight to the Ono Michio figurine in Like A Dragon Gaiden. Remember to stay persistent, don't be discouraged by the challenges, and have fun during your quest. The process of acquiring the figurine may require some skill and luck, but the satisfaction of successfully obtaining it is well worth the effort. Good luck, fellow gamers!

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