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Discover essential survival strategies on How to Survive Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company

In the vast and dangerous world we live in, there are creatures that inspire awe and fear. One such creature is the Earth Leviathan, a giant worm that roams the earth's surface, resembling the Sandworm from the Dune universe. This colossal beast is most active during the day and only attacks when it is outside of its underground lair. In this blog post, we will explore the best strategies to survive encounters with the Earth Leviathan, highlighting the importance of minimizing time outdoors, the power of teamwork, escaping safely, and utilizing teleportation as a last resort.

 How to Survive the Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company

Minimize Time Outdoors for Safety

To increase your chances of survival, it is crucial to spend minimal time outdoors, especially during the Earth Leviathan's active hours. Plan your activities around its schedule to avoid any unexpected encounters. The Earth Leviathan is most active during the day, so it is advisable to engage in outdoor activities during dusk or dawn when it is less likely to be outside.

Teamwork is Key

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When facing a formidable creature like the Earth Leviathan, having a teammate can greatly enhance your chances of survival. Together, you can employ effective strategies to counter its attacks and stay safe.

Radar Communication:One effective strategy is to assign one team member to keep an eye on the radar. This team member will be responsible for calling out the Earth Leviathan's presence, providing an early warning system for the rest of the team. This communication can help others avoid dangerous areas and stay safe.

 Visual and Auditory Cues: Another strategy is to rely on visual and auditory cues to detect the Earth Leviathan's approach. Encourage your teammates to watch for any signs of its presence, such as ground vibrations or distant rumbling. By staying vigilant, you can react promptly and find a safe spot before it strikes.

Escaping Safely

In the event of an imminent encounter with the Earth Leviathan, it is essential to know how to escape safely.

Sprinting in a Straight Line: If escape is necessary, the best approach is to sprint in a straight line towards an open area. The Earth Leviathan relies on its underground tunnels and may have difficulty maneuvering in open spaces. By running straight and fast, you increase your chances of escaping its reach. However, it is crucial to maintain stamina while exploring unfamiliar terrains to ensure you have enough energy to escape.

Dropping Excess Scrap: To increase your speed and agility during an escape, it is advisable to drop unnecessary items or excess scrap that might slow you down. Lightening your inventory will allow you to move more swiftly, maximizing your chances of outrunning the Earth Leviathan.

Teleportation as a Last Resort

Teleportation can be a potential method to ensure immediate safety when facing the Earth Leviathan.

 Teaming Up for Teleportation: It is recommended to have a teammate equipped with a teleporter nearby during encounters with the Earth Leviathan. This way, if a situation becomes dire, you can quickly relocate to a safer location. Having a reliable teammate by your side enhances your chances of survival.

 Placement Strategy: When using a teleporter, it is crucial to plan its placement strategically. Keep the teleporter close to the radar for easy access during emergencies. This ensures that you can swiftly teleport to safety if the Earth Leviathan poses a threat. Effective planning and communication within the team are essential for successful teleportation.

Encountering the Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company can be a spine-chilling experience. However, by following these essential strategies, you can increase your chances of survival. Remember to minimize your time outdoors, prioritize teamwork, escape safely by sprinting in a straight line and dropping excess scrap, and utilize teleportation as a last resort. Approach encounters with caution, stay alert, and always be prepared. With these guidelines in mind, you will be better equipped to survive the Earth Leviathan's presence in the perilous world around us. Stay safe and happy surviving!

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