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2020-09-14 09:36:37

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This time we return with a League of Legends Wild Rift beta guide with the objective of explaining how to register.

What to know about League of Legends Wild Rift beta?

  It is a mobile game, which we will have available in its entirety at the end of 2020, but for the moment we will have access to the beta of this, which we will find available on some devices previously when registering in the Google Play Store at In the case of android and in iOS we have already open the registration for closed beta tests, now it is necessary that we understand how to register and those details will be in the next content of this guide, let's see them.

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How to register in League of Legends Wild Rift beta?

 The requirements in iOS devices are an iPhone 6 or later to be installed, then we have to follow some steps, we will go to the official game page and we will choose our region, this is located on the top right of the site, then we go to the menu option to register updates and here we will enter our email and date of birth, we will accept the terms and conditions to finally register, once we have done this we just have to log in with our Riot account and if chosen we will receive an email that allows us to join the beta when published.

 In Android it is not possible yet to register for the beta, which we must wait for the next updated details for those of us who are in these devices as it is accessible, it is important to note that through leaks this can happen in the same September of this year 2020, being then some requirements necessary for the installation in this device a RAM that is at least 1.5 GB, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and an Andreno 306 GPU.

 Now that you know how to register in League of Legends Wild Rift beta, just apply the instructions and start enjoying the content that is offered to us in this content.

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