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Angel Marquez
2020-09-14 16:32:31

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We invite you to discover where to find and destroy a gorger, a new task in Fortnite.

What to know about the gorger in Fortnite?

  There are many crosses with the world of Marvel currently in the game, in our map there are different angles of battles present, this time the crossing is specifically with the gorger machines, which have a lot to do with Galactus, these are presented by acquiring the forms of different enemies, which makes it more necessary for us to understand where to find and destroy a gorger, in this guide many details will be presented, we just have to follow and apply them, let's see what we are in the following content.
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Where to find and destroy a gorger in Fortnite?

 Finding a gorger is something that is random, so it will be something so simple to achieve, it is identified by a seed that is found by a column of red light, which disappears very quickly, so the best possibility we are going to find in the air, this once we jump from the battle bus, thus having complete visual access to the map, the brightness of the beacon is for a very short time, so it is necessary that said place Let's mark it as quickly as we can, then we will be able to get close to it and it is necessary that we have adequate weapons for this confrontation, with shotguns being the best option even though we have to get very close.

 We are going to see where to find and destroy a gorger, having it already located and that we manage to destroy it, we take into account the appropriate strategy for the battle, it is capable of hitting strongly, constant movement is important to avoid its attacks, making some wooden barriers can help us , because these can withstand some blows, at some point we have that the gorger will release some drones and by making one of these fall we will be getting a weapon in our favor, among which is a laser cannon weapon that we It allows you to hit this strong and that its health is quickly reduced, this cannon has 2 firing options, the semi-automatic mode is the one that we are going to use, this because the other possibility is that it is consumed in the process being a powerful burst the possibility that we will not follow, this laser cannon is our best possibility regarding this crossing, this has a lot of influence to stop Galactus, so it is tr It is a fight of great value and that with this weapon it will become easier for us to win although it can take us some attempts certainly in Fortnite.

 Knowing where to find and destroy a gorger is interesting, as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Fortnite.

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