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Angel Marquez
2020-09-14 16:30:37

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With our Fortnite guide you will learn more about How to destroy gatherer drones.

What to know about gatherer drones in Fortnite?

They are small robots followed by gorgers, this in itself does not turn out to be a danger until too many accumulate, since we would be in trouble, it is necessary that we find the gorgers to find these drones, which have their appearance randomly on our map, when they appear they will be marked by a ray of red light, these gorgers will be spawning the drones, which will be collecting for them some loot, now if we destroy them we will see that they will be spawning more drones , so it is necessary to understand How to destroy gatherer drones and in the following text are the answers.
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How to destroy gatherer drones in Fortnite?

The biggest obstacle will arise if we let many drones appear, since it will be difficult for us to dodge the gorger's shots, taking into account that only 2 shots can kill us as we are not protected, the only positive is that the drones cause little damage , this being 10 for each time we receive a shot from, it is necessary to locate the gorger and kill the drones through the fact of the need to kill the gorger, otherwise it will continue to bring the drones, if we eliminate it we will notice As the drones fall and it is possible to take it and use them as weapons, of course this has to be fast or if they do not explode, considering now the shooting options that we will have when taking said weapon, one of charge and the other normal semi-automatic, the one of charge It is capable of causing significant damage to the gorger but it will result in the destruction of the weapon and the ammunition will run out, it is impossible to use this weapon throughout the game, since it has a limit of life and we won't see it in our inventory either.

This is how we finish our guide on How to destroy gatherer drones, hoping that you can get the best out of Fortnite, a fairly busy game.

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