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The action in Pokemon Cafe Mix does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to increase the level of friendship.

What to know about the friendship level in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Among the many elements existing in this game, we have that friendship plays a role of great importance, we have that there are more than 15 Pokemon available to which it will be necessary to maintain the appropriate relationship with this, for this we have to know how to increase the level of friendship and in this guide will be explained in the following content.
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How to increase the friendship level in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

We will have different methods that allow us to increase the level of friendship and these are the following:


  •  The first: solving the puzzles, serving food and drinks, allow us to obtain the friendship stars in exchange, with which we can accumulate the total required so that our Pokemon can increase their level of friendship.
  • The second: Through the friendship bonus we have another method, when it is activated, we may get 3 stars for completing the puzzles, now if we fail we will not get the bonus.
  • The third: It consists of completing the order 49 so that the Plipper Bell is unlocked, now when we have this function available, the use of this is in the invitation of 2 Pokemon as customers, it is a random choice, meaning this that in the event that those who visit are not to our liking, we can use golden horns and the process will be repeated again, when we reach the level increase in friendship, we have to increase the statistics, taking into account that for each of the Pokemon different statistics are presented regarding the friendship.

 So we come to the end of this guide on How to Increase Friendship Level, hoping that you can get the most out of Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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