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2020-06-26 11:20:29

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We continue with more than Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, but this time to tell you how to get the Max card level.

What is Kingdom Hearts Dark Road about.

The title belongs to the tenth edition of the Square Enix Kingdom Hearts series, which was released a few days ago on June 22, 2020 and is available for Android, iOS and Amazon smartphone users.

How to get the Max card level at Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Before you even start worrying about Max card levels, the first thing you need to make sure of is getting enough cards worth upgrading and taking to their highest levels. In this sense, if you reviewed our previous guide in which we told you how to obtain cards, then you already know how to do it.

Also remember that you receive a free card every day and through the Beginner or Monthly missions.

Having enough cards will start obtaining duplicates, that is, when you start to see more unlocked passive effects.

Each duplicate will add one to the total number collected and combine it with the highest level version you have of that card.

When you have 10 of a level 10 card, you will no longer be able to merge any more cards with that card and if you ever get it again it will no longer increase, and this card will gain significant boost in terms of effectiveness in addition to passive effects.

 It's that simple ... Now that you know how to get the Max card level in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, we hope that you can evolve your best cards and get to take it to the Max level and get all the best from them as soon as possible.

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