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Guide to learn how to recruit Pikachu in Pokemon Cafe Mix

As fans of the entire Pokemon series should already know, they have brought to light a new game that is available on Nintendo Switch and Mobile phones. And what many were already wondering in advance if it is available and the How to recruit Pikachu, well let me tell you that if you can! And we answer that question with this special article.

How to recruit Pikachu in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

As you play Pokemon Cafe Mix, you can improve your relationships with Pokemon as well as level up with them. You can use Friendship Stars to get plenty of new Pokemon, and while most Cafe Mix Pokemon are earned in-game using Friendship Stars, Pikachu's story is different.

Although Pickachu is not much different from them, he is still a valuable companion, so you can only obtain him through one of the following methods:

Method 1

Go to the in-game app store and get the special Pickachu bundle for $ 4.99. The package includes our own Pickachu, Skill Plus Bonus, Megaphone Maker and 4900 Golden Scorns.

Method 2

This method is for a limited time but is free. You must be logged in to the game and for the next 5 days you will be able to get it as part of the game's opening ceremony to get free Pikachu at Pokemon Cafe Mix.

Pikachu Specialty and Cafe Skills

Pikachu has a specialty, it is sweet and it also comes with its own coffee skill. Cafe Skill helps clean the surrounding icons and activates the created megaphones instead of the icons.

  • Maximum friendship: level 2
  • Complete Skill Gauge: 60
  • Additional moves: 0
  • Overtime: 5.0s
  • Megaphone Donations: 35 Links
  • Megaphone Quantity: 1
  • Score multiplier: × 1.00

 With this said, How to recruit Pikachu in Pokemon Cafe Mix will be a simple and fun task to obtain the best-known battle partner of all. Luck!

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