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2022-02-18 08:18:55

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Now that Horizon Forbidden West has just been released, it's important that you know how to fast travel, so pay attention.

What is fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is likely that you have already heard of this feature before, it is a tool with which you can move around the map much faster, since it will allow you to move from one point to another automatically. It is nothing new, and you have probably already heard of it in another game, the point is that it is also in this one and here we will teach you how to fast travel.

How to fast travel in Horizon Forbidden West?

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If you want to travel fast, the first thing you have to do is unlock destinations, for this you will have to light the campfires that you find in the game. When you see one, you must interact with it to access the area faster.

Each new-found campfire will allow you to travel from it quickly for free. To do this you will have to access the map by pressing the Circle button > hover over the point where you want to relocate and then press the R2 button to travel to it. If you are a PS5 user, it will take about two seconds to travel.

If you press the X button, you will be able to return to the game after a fast loading screen.

You can also fast travel anywhere in the world without a campfire, but you will need a Fast Travel Pack, which are not found very often. When you arrive at the camp, you can make this pack at a workbench or with a hunter kit, as long as you have Ridge-Wood and Wild Meat. But you must have progressed a little, since you will not be able to do them from the beginning.

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