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We continue talking about tasks in Horizon Forbidden West and for this reason it is necessary to explain how to destroy metal flowers, let's see.

Why destroy the flowers in Horizon Forbidden West?

This is one of the activities that we come across in this game, and it is usually fundamental, although it is true, the flowers that we must destroy are beautiful, it is vital to destroy them because we have in mind to access other areas and these usually prevent it, This is because many of them are vines or flowers that are simply rare and become a real obstacle.

How to destroy metal flowers in Horizon Forbidden West?

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It is necessary to take into account that it is not all the flowers in the game that we must destroy, it is exactly the metallic flowers that are usually a real obstacle in our path, these can be seen in the world in ruins, in some mission paths generating blockages, so it is necessary to destroy them and thereby gain access to missions, or in search of other resources such as money and materials to make crafts.

To destroy the flowers, we must:

  • Get the Vine Cutter.
  • This equipment is usually obtained during the quest Seeds of the Past.
  • Reaching this mission can take some time, but it is essential.
  • Once we have the tool we are allowed to attack the metal flower and for this it is necessary to press the R1 button allowing us to cut it.

This is all you need to know about How to destroy metal flowers, so it will only be enough to have the tool in our possession in Horizon Forbidden West and that's it.

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