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Angel Marquez
2021-01-26 00:23:44

More about: Hitman 3

If you want to know where to find boat key in Dartmoor, we have the solution for you in this present Hitman 3 guide.

What to know about Hitman 3?

Basically it is true that we find 6 levels in the game, but each of them sometimes we must enter to repeat it, this with the purpose of obtaining objects of great importance on which a mission may depend, where each one of them brings its own challenges, in Dartmoor we are presented with a specific one during the mission of death in the family that requires the escape of a ship from the Thornbridge masion, managing to obtain 2000 XP as gain, so to complete it you have to know where to find the key to the ship on Dartmoor and that's what comes next.
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Where to find Boat key on Dartmoor in Hitman 3?

It is possible that this mission we have completed before, if so we can load it from a location that is close to the greenhouse where it can be the garden, otherwise it is necessary that we first equip the pick prior to the start of the mission, a Once we start in this, death in the family, we appear in the south of the map, at the north end of the mission is the key to the ship, precisely in the greenhouse of this part of Hitman 3, once we start on the road main we will go north through this to get to where a couple of guards are, we can attract one of them to subdue him, only that it is not possible to prevent the other from noticing, but once we finish with the first guard we go for the second, the bushes are ideal to hide the bodies, we will go through the door with the guard disguise, so to be able to prowl through the mission it is required that we have a guard disguise, we must be away from the NPCs who have I gained white dots on them, because they are capable of having doubts about us, managing to be an obstacle as to where to find Boat key on Dartmoor, our goal is to get to the garden, so we will go north which turns out to be the opposite of the mansion.

We will arrive at the garden where we have to look for the 3 accessible entrances of the greenhouse to the north end, from here we will go through the western door, which is kept locked, but it is when the pick comes into action at Hitman 3, in case of not having This is what we will do is use the lever that is to the north of the greenhouse, on some boxes, any of the 2 options will lead us to open the door, as long as there is no surveillance, when entering we go instantly to the left to solve Where to find Boat Key in Dartmoor when you see it on the table, this way we have access to the ship and the exit of the mansion, the location of this we have to the west of the greenhouse.

 Clearly knowing where to find Boat key on Dartmoor allows us to progress and have fun with Hitman 3.

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