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Learn How to Destroy Automaton Fabricators in Helldivers 2. Master the art of destruction on our comprehensive website.

Helldivers 2 is an intense cooperative shooter game where players take on the role of elite soldiers fighting against a hostile alien race known as the Bugs. In this game, players are equipped with high-tech weaponry and gear to take on the overwhelming forces of the Bugs. One of the toughest challenges in Helldivers 2 is facing off against the Automaton Fabricators, massive robotic structures that produce an endless swarm of deadly machines. These Fabricators are heavily guarded and can prove to be a formidable enemy if not dealt with correctly. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies on How to Destroy Automaton Fabricators in Helldivers 2.

How to Destroy Automaton Fabricators in Helldivers 2

1. Identify the Weak Points

Before engaging in combat with an Automaton Fabricator, it is crucial to identify its weak points. These Fabricators have multiple weak points, including their power cores, cooling units, and control panels. These weak points can be targeted and destroyed to cripple the Fabricator, making it easier to take down. You can also use your scanner to highlight these weak points, making it easier to aim and destroy them.

2. Use Heavy Weapons

Automaton Fabricators are heavily armored and can withstand a significant amount of damage. Therefore, it is essential to use heavy weapons such as the Railgun, Recoilless Rifle, or the Anti-Tank Mines to take them down quickly. These weapons have high damage output and can target the weak points of the Fabricator effectively. Make sure to have your team coordinate their attacks and focus on one weak point at a time to maximize damage output.

3. Deploy Defensive Measures

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As you engage in combat with the Automaton Fabricator, you will be facing a constant stream of enemies. To ensure your team's survival, it is essential to deploy defensive measures such as turrets, mines, and barbed wire. These will help to slow down the enemies and provide cover for your team. It is crucial to have a designated team member responsible for deploying and maintaining these defensive measures to give the rest of the team a chance to focus on attacking the Fabricator.

4. Use Distractors

Another effective strategy to destroy Automaton Fabricators is to use distractors such as the Static Field Conductors or the UAV Drone. These tools will divert the attention of the enemies, giving you and your team a chance to target the weak points of the Fabricator without being overwhelmed. Be sure to use these distractors strategically, as they have a limited duration and cooldown time.

5. Call for Reinforcements

If you find yourself struggling to take down the Automaton Fabricator, do not hesitate to call for reinforcements. You can use your radio to call in additional troops, vehicles, or airstrikes to support your team's efforts. These reinforcements can help to distract the enemies and provide additional firepower to take down the Fabricator. However, be mindful of friendly fire as these reinforcements can also cause damage to your teammates.

In conclusion, How to Destroy Automaton Fabricators in Helldivers 2 requires a combination of strategy and firepower. Proper identification of weak points, the use of heavy weapons, defensive measures, distractors, and calling for reinforcements can significantly increase your chances of success. It is also crucial to have good communication and teamwork within your squad to effectively take down these formidable enemies. So gear up, coordinate with your team, and prepare to face the Automaton Fabricators in Helldivers 2. Good luck, soldier!

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