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Harvest Moon One World has arrived and that is why today we come to explain everything you need about How to get married, let's see.

Who are the eligible candidates to get married at Harvest Moon One World?

This game has very little of having come out, and it embarks us on very interesting activities, one of them leads us to take care of knowing How to get married, because to achieve it is necessary to meet some requirements, but the most important thing is that we have 10 eligible candidates, and they are:

  • Ahina.
  • Braden.
  • Gabrielle
  • Jamil.
  • Kanoa.
  • Krisi
  • Laura
  • Malika.
  • Sami.
  • Tristan.

How to get married in Harvest Moon One World?

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To achieve this, it is necessary to have some number of requirements, since proposing marriage is easy, but getting it executed is a somewhat more complex matter, and for this it is vital to make the other person like us and make them fall in love, for this we must consider :

  •  Talk to that person every day.
  • Offer and give gifts daily.
  • Choose to complete the single or single requests in the person in whom we have our hope.
  • We must take care of getting a total of 5 hearts with the person in whom we are interested in getting married.
  • Choose to get a double bed in our house.
  • Go to the sanctuary of the Dio de la Harvest to tell us to follow a blue bird.
  • We must get the blue feather of said bird and to achieve this it is vital to have the character to the maximum.
  • Then we must sleep and watch the scene with the Harvest Goddess.
  • We are allowed to see a pop-up window to propose to the person based on our confession level.
  • Then we are presented with a wedding ceremony scene with the person chosen to get married and that's it.

We must consider that knowing how to get married in a task that will involve us for a long time, because while this is happening we carry out some activities such as:

  •  Execute improvements in our house that range around 4.20,000 gold in total.
  • We must find Titanium and do 4 things.
  • Bring back the Goddess of the Harvest.
  • Receive a Two-Half-Half quest from Doc.
  • Collect wood.
  • Earn 350,000 G.

Definitely, knowing How to get married allows us to perform arduous tasks in Harvest Moon One World, give it a try.

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