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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-09-23 19:33:12

If you want to know how to get health items in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah, you can rest easy because here we have covered everything about it.

What is Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah?

This is the most recent expansion introduced to the open world survival game. The expansion contains a new island to explore, huge creatures, and a whole host of other things. One of the most important features of the expansion and that attracted the most attention from users is the healing with health elements. That is why today we will tell you everything about how to get health items.

How to get health items at Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah?

The first thing you have to know about how to obtain these health items is that they must be made with resource materials so that they can be consumed or execute your character ...

But you will also find wraps and unlockable potions at a certain player level, keep in mind that the higher your player level, the better the type of health item you will get.

Next we will tell you how to make some of these healing elements for Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah.

The wraps work as healing bandages and in order to learn the crafting recipe you will have to position yourself at level 25 to later get the necessary ingredients that we list below:

  • For the Rough Raps:
  • 5 aloe leaves.
  • 10 vegetable fibers.

Or the Numbing Wrap at level 45 and which is more effective than the previous one and which has:

  • 10 thick leather.
  • 20 aloe leaves.
  • 20 Honey.

The Aloe Potion is a healing element that you can make with aloe extract from level 15 after obtaining the Firebowl Cauldron to cook potions.

In order to make concentrated aloe extract you will need to reach level 35 and get the following ingredients:

  • 30 aloe leaves.
  • 1 alchemical base.

Keep in mind that aloe leaves are very easily found in areas surrounded by water.

 Now that you know how to obtain health items in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah, we hope that you will be able to prepare them all and can get the most out of them now that you know how to make them, the requirements you need and the ingredients as well.

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