Lidia Rozo
2020-09-24 14:09:34

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Knowing Where to find Erebus is a necessary task that we must perform in Hades, let's see.

What is Erebus in Hades?

  This is nothing more than a hidden area of the underworld, to unlock it is necessary to invest some time, it is a place where chaos is king, to know Where to find Erebus it is necessary to first consider playing some time and having won some amount of Sometimes, because this is one of the kingdoms that we can get in the underworld and for which it is necessary to be properly prepared in Hades, so let's see exactly how to get to this place.
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Where to find Erebus in Hades?

 It is important to consider that the doors in this area do not open all the rooms to us, as they are somewhat rare and it is not possible to go through them as if nothing else, since the only way to achieve this is by accrediting our heat meter, this being a requirement essential, to know where to find Erebus it is necessary to go through some small enough holes through which it is possible to travel avoiding going to the next chamber in Hades.

 One of the most important requirements is the heat meter and is that it must be at 7, since each modifier has some specific heat level, each one adds a value of 1, to increase the heat to 1, on the other hand If we manage to add a value of 3, the indicator will be 4 and thus progressively until reaching 7 in Hades, which simply places us before the possibility of defeating the father for the first time in order to gain access to the Pact of Punishment.

 There is a way to get a reward in Erebus, as this leads us to achieve a perfect clearing, for which it is necessary to have the possibility of defeating some enemies that Hades has summoned without receiving damage and thus opting for a prize, without However, not achieving this work allows us to obtain the smelly red onion that allows us to restore 1HP.

 Knowing Where to find Erebus allows us to understand the values ​​of the indicator in Hades and these are:


  •  5 heat for Tartarus.
  • 10 heat for Asphodel.
  • 15 heat for Elisha.


 It is also possible to have some rewards and these are:


  •  Blessings: what allows us to have the possibility of being rare or more lavish.
  • Money: It is possible to receive 200 obolos instead of 100.
  • Hades Erebus Gate: Lets us know what to do with Erebus.
  • Extra health: get a maximum HP increase to 50.
  • Power Up Pom: Increase the rating of a blessing by 2.

 This is all you need to know about Where to find Erebus, it is simply necessary because it is a hidden area in Hades and we can get interesting rewards.