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2020-09-22 13:59:18

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If you want to know how to get Titan blood in Hades, in this article you will find everything you need to know.

What is Titan's blood in Hades?

Before telling you how to get Titan blood, you have to know that this is one of the most valuable coins in the game, as it will allow you to unlock new weapon skins that will allow you to advance further in the Underworld as well as the Zagreus skin of each weapon. Considering the importance of weapons it will be very important to know how to obtain Titan blood.

How to get Titan blood in Hades?

The best way to get any valuable items in Hades is through the Wretched Broker, these items will change after each run. Sometimes the coin will be available in repeatable exchanges and you can buy it for an ambrosia. Although it is sometimes available in non-repeatable limited time offers for 15 chthonic keys.

But do not think that this guide on how to obtain Titan blood in Hades ends here, in fact we have more methods that will allow you to obtain Titan blood so that you can choose the most comfortable one for you.

Another method that will allow you to obtain this currency is by buying it from Charon for a price of 1500 obols in his store in the Temple of Styx at the end of the Underworld.

Another way to obtain this currency is through the boss fights and punishment pacts that you will have access to after escaping the Temple of Styx for the first time. At this point you will receive a punishment pact that will complicate each race but you will get rewards, each of these will increase your heat level, which in turn translates into more rewards at the end of the race, among which you can get blood from titan, diamonds, among others.
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On the other hand, they will allow you to obtain Titan blood in the initial defeat, at which point the bosses will drop other elements until you unlock the Pact of Punishment and defeat them again at a higher heat level, remember that the higher the heat level more amount of coins you will receive, you will get 252 coins when you finish level 20 of Heat.

Completing the missions of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies will allow you to obtain a total of 29 coins and below we list the missions and how to complete them, in addition to the amount of coins you receive for it:

Thirst for the blood of the god of war.

Kill 10,000 enemies and level up Ares's affinity. He will recognize your kills gradually as you increase his affinity and receive 2 coins.

Weapon Master.

Complete a victory race with all weapons. 10

Harsh Conditions Complete a Victory Race with a Pact of Punishment Heat Level 20 and receive 10 coins.

Rampant looting.

Kill all bosses and mini bosses in each area of ​​the Underworld and receive 3 coins.

Dark reflections.

Unlock all the perks of the Night Mirror and complete a victory race and receive 4 coins.

 So we finish this guide on how to obtain Titan's blood in Hades, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use to you and that you have managed to get the most out of it now that you know how to obtain this coin in different ways, so you can obtain it using all the methods or those that are most comfortable for you.