Angel Marquez
2020-09-24 10:07:18

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This time we return with a Hades guide, in which we aim to guide you on How to get boons.

What are boons in Hades?

 These are the reinforcements that allow us to improve our progress, such as our attack, defense, speed and more, everything will depend on the choice we make, thus achieving a more effective performance, but it is necessary to know how to obtain blessings and the details come right now in the content that follows this guide, let's continue reading to see what it offers us.

How to get boons in Hades?

 Randomly in the game we will be able to notice that in front of us a symbol in allusion to an Olympic god usually appears, this happens the moment we start, with this we will be able to speak, which will lead to offer us 3 blessings to choose one that help us in our progress, in the same chambers of hell such signs can also appear, nectar can help the gods to appear more frequently to improve our abilities, even to be born from gifts and as a reward we will have the memories or companions with many possibilities.

 It is necessary that we know the blessings that each of the deities offers us, so we have to see the following:
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  • Athena: allows us to improve defense and evasion skills.
  • Artemis: focuses on casts and critical damage, improving those skills.
  • Ares: the improvements we obtain focus on the physical and the violent, among which Doom stands out, which allows us to improve the damage caused by our attacks.
  • Aphrodite: her focus is on curses, obtaining improvements in survival chances and enemies will be more vulnerable when attacking them.
  • Dionysus: the blessing of this is due to the hangover, which allows to stop the enemy by stunning him.
  • Demeter: makes our enemies slow and destroy themselves.
  • Chaos: This blessing that he offers allows the debt to be exchanged for the numbers of encounters to be a change of improvement in power.
  • Hermes: his focus is speed
  • Poseidon: the blessing obtained by this deity will favor the damage of our abilities, allowing the surrender of our enemies.
  • Zeus - The perk offered by the blessing allows you to deal damage to your enemies with lightning bolts and lightning chains

 This is how we finish our guide on How to get boons, hoping that you can get the best out of Hades, a fairly busy game.