Lidia Rozo
2020-09-24 14:19:23

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Today we bring you a Hades guide where we propose to explain how to beat Bone Hydra

Who is Bone Hydra in Hades?

  Normally Hades has some complicated bosses and knowing how to beat Bone Hydra is a necessary task, since it is the first boss of a few that we get in history, it is important to consider that this game keeps us highly motivated which allows us to achieve that this can be a formidable action game.
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How to beat Bone Hydra in Hades?

 Bone Hydra is tied to a particular area in the main arena, she will choose to shoot us from a distance to proceed to attract us, because this is particularly because she cannot move. It should be noted that there are some interesting variants in Hades that allow us to come out of previous fights successfully to finally reach our goal on How to beat Bone Hydra, this becomes like a static fight in reality, since his bone remains are simply cooling around Asphoel.

 Knowing how to beat Bone Hydra allows us to tell you that it is a fight that takes place in 3 phases and they are the following:

 First phase of fight: this is the easiest option to start our journey about How to beat Bone Hydra, because here there are two pillars that will allow us to use them to cover ourselves, it is also necessary to understand that this boss has some blows to which it is It is necessary to dodge since it will try to attack us in the face, in addition this boss usually gives us distance shots in Hades which makes it become somewhat slow but can also be lethal if we are not attentive.

 Second phase of fight: In this phase of combat it gets a little more complex, as Bone Hydra will choose to emerge some heads in lava and it is necessary to get them out to avoid being able to damage the big boy, because this boss is surrounded by force blue and can have at least 3 mirrors idea to shoot some objects that show timers of 5 seconds, the idea of ​​this movement is to break them before the time, because otherwise everything becomes more complex, since we would be involved in a burst of shots and as if it were not enough some mobs.

 Bone Hydra has some number of improvements, in addition to some projectiles that can allow us to make many more shots, which leads us to have to do maneuvers to get on the pillars, because here we have the possibility of protecting ourselves against their attacks even when this you may not allow us to return your fire, most important of all, we choose to save ourselves.

Third phase of fight: this is the most complicated part of this fight, since our enemy will choose to make use of shots in quantity, he will not consider stopping at any time, of course this does not represent anything new since it is an action that normally this boss It will always execute, only now it is with more intensity, it is only necessary to take care of not receiving damage and as soon as we have hit it until we remove it we will get a Diamond, we can count on the option of beating it three times to opt for diamonds and these are really necessary to get improvements from contractors.

  Definitely, knowing how to beat Bone Hydra puts us to work hard and to be as strategic as possible, since he is the first boss we come across in Hades.