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GTA Online: how to register as vip

2020-05-13 12:01:10

Our tour of GTA online has allowed us to obtain a number of things, that's why today we tell you how we can select as a vip

While we are immersed in this game, there are possibilities to carry out a few robberies, some more valuable than others but robberies at last, the detail is that we need to become a VIP, CEO or President of MC to obtain the robbery of the Last Judgment and here we are going to describe how it is achieved.

How do you register as a vip in GTA Online?

For registrars as vip it is necessary to have some requirements:

  •     There is no initial cost.
  •     Count on $ 50,000.
  •     Open the menu and go to a SecuroServ to register and finally give the organization a name.

How do you spell CEO in GTA Online?

Another option we find is to become CEO and this requires:

  •     Be the owner of at least 1 of the 4 offices in Los Santos, (can be found on the Dynasty 8 website)
  •     The cost of the office has a value that ranges from 1,000,000. and the $ 4,000,000.
  •     Then it is time to go to the interaction menu and move to SecuroServ where we can register and name our organization.

How do you register as MC President in GTA Online?

  •     To achieve this there is no initial cost.
  •     Purchase of a club house from the Maze Bank liens is required.
  •     Open the interaction menu and go to the Motorcycle Club.
  •     Then registrars as MC President and give our organization a name.

Being president of MC allows us to obtain some of these properties in relation to the Maze Bank mortgages, since it is necessary to be the owner of a property, then we must visit it and go to the H icon that is in the meeting room and proceed to cancel $ 65,000 to capture the robbery.

  •     Cancel $ 2,950,000 for the Land Law Reservoir.
  •     Cancel $ 2,525,000 for Grand Lady.
  •     Cancel $ 1,670,000 for Lake Zancudo.
  •     Cancel $ 1,250,000 for El Paleto Bay.
  •     Cancel $ 2,740,000 for Sandy Shores.
  •     Cancel $ 1,475,000 for Monte Gordo.
  •     Cancel $ 2,312,000 for Route 68.
  •     Cancel $ 1,855,000 for the Wind Farm.
  •     Cancel $ 2,100,000 for the Rio Zancudo.

In this way we can end our guide on how to get as a VIP and thereby achieve the author of the GTA Online Doomsday Heist.

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