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Our work in Minecraft is constantly moving. Let's see how to make a map

The first thing we should do when deciding to make a map is simply make sure we have all the necessary implements, because this means that we must put together the crafting table and all the necessary components of creation in Minecraft, because it is necessary to do a complete job.

What are the necessary elements to make a map in Minecraft?

To know how to make a map it is necessary to have some specific elements and these are:

The red stone.

  •     He is digging deep.
  •     It is gray with bright red.
  •     We need to collect a pile of this stone.
  •     It is only possible to get it after layer 16.


  •     You need to get 9.
  •     It is obtained near a source of water.
  •     It is easy to recognize thanks to its green stems.


  •     This is another element to know how to make a map and requires 4 blocks of wood charcoal or one of charcoal.
  •     Get an object that can light a fire.

Iron ore.

  •     We need to get a stone pick to extract them.
  •     They are a kind of gray blocks with orange spots.
  •     Requires 4.

How to make a map in Minecraft?

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    Now that we have the ingredients for the preparation, it is time to organize the process, starting by activating the oven, for this we open it if we are playing on the PC, on the contrary if our Minecraft game is developed on a console it is necessary to press the left button to open it, or simply press on the mobile and that's it.

    The first thing we should do is melt the iron bars, so we focused on placing the iron ore in the upper box of the oven and then we put some fuel in the lower box so that it automatically starts working the casting process, then it is necessary to move these iron bars to direct them to our inventory, just select them and look for an empty space in the inventory to place them.

    Here we find two ways to do it, in the case of the console it is only necessary to select said object and then press Y Triangle to move it to our inventory, in the particular case for the mobile version of Minecraft it is only necessary to press said object and move it directly.

    Now that we already have some objects in our inventory, it is time to think about creating a compass, because this allows us to orient and for this it is necessary to Take a red stone and take it to the craft table, it is placed in the central square, then a iron bar that is placed in the squares from the top to the center, another down to the center, on the left side and on the right central side, once this appears a compass icon that will need to be incorporated, as it is useful at the time Saber how to make a map is our orientation.

    To use it on our console it is necessary to select the Equipment label and from here look for the Compass icon for us we use X for PS4 or simply A for Xbox One, in the particular case of mobiles we press the label that has a sword shape Equipment is on the left of our screen and from there the Compass icon.

    Our task today in Minecraft leads us to know how to make a map, this activity is not really complex but without the materials it cannot be achieved, now we need to make 9 sheets of paper, for this it is necessary to place 3 sugarcanes in the square bottom from the left side, 3 sugar canes in the lower central block and 3 more canes in the right side of the lower square.

    To place them on our console, it is necessary to select the Objects tab and then the icon that has a paper shape. To do this, press A or X, in the case of mobiles we select Objects on the left side of our screen and then the paper icon. With this we managed to place the paper in our inventory at Minecraft.

    The final process to know how to make a map simply leads us to place the compass in the central square and then place a sheet of paper in the remaining squares, which are 8, there we can detect that we find a brown sheet of paper in Minecraft, that is simply the map, to place it on our console it is necessary to go to Equipment and then select the map icon with A or X, in the specific case of mobiles it is necessary to select equipment and then the map icon.

    This is all we need to know about how to make a map because it is a very simple activity that we do in Minecraft, try it it will not take long to get it.

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