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We welcome you to our GTA Online guide, where we will talk about How to get to a submarine in Cayo Perico.

What to know about the submarine in GTA Online?

The purchase of this is required to be able to complete the robbery of Cayo Perico, which allows us to have the only option to get to this place more quickly, when we buy it we must invoke it, considering that it can be a place Different from where we are, this is possible by accessing the main menu with the touch panel of the PS4 AND PS5, being the first thing to do, now to understand How to get to a submarine in Cayo Perico the following details are required.
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    How to get to a submarine in Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

    What we will do is approach the location that will be presented on our map once we have invoked it, if we are very far until the helicopter can take us to that location, when we are then on the shore not so far from the submarine, we will use the menu of main interaction, which gives us access to the invocation of a boat so that we can move to the right place where the submarine is, we will even have the option of appearing near the submarine if we manage to establish it as the place to appear, without having to do other kinds of tours.

      In this way we finish our GTA Online guide, now you know how to get to a submarine in Cayo Perico, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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