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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-21 15:13:49

Crashes are very normal in games and Phantasy Star Online 2 is no different, let's see How to fix error code 649

What is error 649 error code in Phantasy Star Online 2?

  One of the things why it is necessary to get us with this type of bugs is that this is a game that is old enough and that the remastering occasionally presents problems, since everything seems to indicate that these bugs are clearly related to problems with the server.

How to fix error code 649 in Phantasy Star Online 2?

Before going to a solution itself, it is necessary to make it clear that this error is usually clearly linked to the servers, where we are told that they are under maintenance, which is explained as the possibility of keeping them in good condition in order to avoid failures, thus implying a period of inactivity in which there is no possibility of playing and that in a way this should not be presented as something strange when we are running multiplayer games, it should be noted that a scheduled shutdown of the servers for maintenance is planned for this December 22 and 23, 2020.

So getting this error is not a cause for alarm, it is only necessary to take a look at the possibility of checking the servers, on the web it is possible to check its status, since there are some problems programmed with our region, to This is favorable to check with Downdetector or simply go for the easiest option that is the Twitter of this game because there is every update related to servers.

In this sense, knowing how to repair the error code 649 allows us to be aware of a possible fall of Phantasy Star Online 2, since there is no other problem other than which to worry about at least for now.

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