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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-21 15:00:44

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Guide to learn how to find the Blow torch in Cayo Perico in GTA Online

  There are certain essential things in a game as bizarre as GTA Online and one of them is about the Blow torch in Cayo Perico. If you have not yet unlocked it to carry out more precise robberies, don't worry that we will help you with it.
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How to find the Blow torch in Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

The recon process for Cayo Perico Heist allows players to search for specific targets, locations, and items, opening up more options for the heist during the setup and execution phases. This with the intention of achieving all the points of interest, exit points and secondary objectives, you will have a much better chance of success.

One of those locations is an underwater infiltration point near the complex, allowing you to approach the submarine directly and enter the complex within seconds after starting the actual heist. Although you can unlock the infiltration point below the enclosure, you cannot access it without a cutting Blow torch, because the entrance is underwater and protected by a metal grill. You need the Blow torch to destroy the metal door so that you can access the enclosure from under the water.

The Blow torch is a delicate case because it is not an item that you just get, so you will have to do a little more research to get around these missions.

After completing all the recon, you will proceed to the heist preparation stage. In this part you will find a mission that will give you the cutting Blow torch. Complete this mission, and you will be able to cut the grid to access the compound during the robbery.

 Now that you know how to find the Blow torch in Cayo Perico in GTA Online you will be able to perform better maneuvers and attacks with this artifact and all subsequent missions. Luck!

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