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Angel Marquez
2020-12-22 14:28:59

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In the universe of GTA Online we have many tasks, one of them is How to find Still Slipping Antennas and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about GTA Online?

New missions and content are presented for our fun due to the most recent update, we can highlight that Cayo Perico is the expansion of the map at this time, which opens up a set of possibilities for what we can do, among the secondary missions we have a which is called Still Slipping Los Santos, where the installation of 10 antennas is required for a new radio station, what is very attractive apart from the XP is the 250,000 dollars as a bonus, so it is ideal that we know how to find Still Slipping Antennas that are still sliding and the answers follow.

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How to find Still Slipping Antennas in GTA Online?


 The beginning of this mission goes through the fact of going to Mirror Park to the part with the shape of a yellow J, these antennas are found throughout the map, so it is ideal to be able to move easily by means of a flying vehicle, then the locations of these are as follows:


  •  In the surroundings of San Andrés and Goma St we will be able to find the first of the antennas, precisely on the left side of the online map, next to a tattoo parlor that is on top of a building.
  • In the northeast corner of the map in Pcific Bluffs we have the second antenna on top of one of the buildings that is in the area.
  • Near the Ammu-Nation range we will find the third antenna in Cypress Flats on the popular street that is in the lower right of the map.
  • Between the hairdresser, the customs of the saints and the ponsonbys in Burton is a skyscraper, at the top is the fourth antenna.
  • In Sandy Shores is the fifth antenna.
  • In the Great Lady's Desert Suburban we found the sixth antenna.
  • Hidden among a group of buildings in Vinewood Hills is the seventh antenna.
  • In the vicinity of the highway that is to the south side of Grapeseed we find the eighth antenna.
  • In the gondola station of Mount Chiliad we find the ninth antenna.
  • In the redneck bay we have to go up to the building next to the Ammu-Nation to find the tenth and last antenna.

 Clearly knowing how to find Still Slipping Antennas allows us to progress while having fun in GTA Online.

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